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Major League Soccer - Making It Up As They Go Along

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I mean, seriously. We all like to joke about how Don Garber just seems to throw darts at a 'board of random-ass ideas' every off season to decide what new rule changes and schedule changes will be implemented the next season, but today I think they might have just confirmed it.

Earlier, MLS released a new list of rules detailing just how tiebreakers would be broken in playoff races, almost completely rewarding teams that attack, attack, attack. I know that MLS likes having more attacking soccer in the league but making teams chances at the playoffs hinge on playing the best attacking in the league is absolutely stupid. Here's the list of new tiebreakers:

1) Most total goals scored
2) Greatest goal differential
3) Fewest disciplinary points
4) Most road goals scored
5) Greatest road goal differential
6) Most home goals scored
7) Greatest home goal differential
8) Coin toss (for 2 teams) or drawing of lots (3 or more teams)

This might not have been as much of a problem if they hadn't released these in the middle of the season, right before the playoff race is about to begin.

Enjoy your playoff berth, New York!