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Colorado Rapids vs. Real Salt Lake Player Ratings

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The ball fell to Joseph Nane near the top of the penalty box, and with a great blast on goal the ball ricocheted off the cross bar and into the stands. This was Nane's first attempt in the 12th minute that just nearly missed.

Nearly half an hour later Nane found himself in the same situation. The ball at his feet with time to smash the ball into the net. This time though, it hit the bottom of the cross bar and bounced in for his first professional goal and one that will go down in Colorado Rapids history as giving the win over Real Salt Lake.

Not only did Nane have an impressive performance, but the entire team clicked together with everyone playing well individually and as a unit. Omar Cummings, Drew Moor and even Wells Thompson all put on a great show for the loud and chanting Rapids supporters who showed up for the match.

Sure, Salt Lake has the Rocky Mountain Cup, but at least our boys in Burgundy got some of their dignity back after an all around great 1 - 0 win.

Read on for player ratings.

0 - Awful, horrible, why is he even on the field!?
1-3 - Poor. Why is he starting?
4-6 - Decent. Played a reasonable game, but could have done much more.
7-9 - Great game! Did nearly everything right with few mistakes
10 - Perfect game.

Matt Pickens - 8

Pickens became the winning-est goal keeper in Colorado history with this defeat of Salt Lake. And he did it in style by shutting out our biggest rival. There was one particularly anxiety producing save he had where he slid to his left, deflected the ball back to Salt Lake, but fortunately it got tangled in everyone's legs and somehow the Rapids managed to escape unhurt.

Drew Moor - 8

Drew gave his typical 150% effort. As always his play on defense towards the end of the game really impressed me. He kept up the energy and was determined not to give up the equalizer. The kind of play every team needs from their Captain.

Tyrone Marshall - 5

After playing so poorly earlier in the year Marshall must have come out to the field with something to prove to his teammates and fans. I thought his defense was mostly excellent until he got hurt to begin the second half. He got a great ovation from the fans as he went off too.

Marvell Wynne - 6

From my perspective Marvell had a great but quiet game. The few times I noticed him, he was working hard to win back the ball from RSL and made a huge impact on keeping them out of the end of the field.

Luis Zapata - 8

I love Zapata's energy and drive. At one point he went down as Espindola drove the ball forward. Luis sprang back up, caught up and managed to force Espindola to get the ball out of bounds with some great defense. This could have easily turned into a corner kick for RSL but because of Zapata's aggressive play defense it fell the Rapids way.

Jeff Larentowitcz - 8

There was one point where I felt RSL was really driving for an equalizer in the last quarter of the game. They had multiple corners or free kicks near the 'Pids goal. Jeff, the tallest player in the mess, seemed to repeatedly clear the ball and save the 'Pids lead. This on top of his usual dominate play in the midfield helped to secure our victory!

Martin Rivero - 6

"He's been high all season" said a fellow Class VIer, refering to Rivero's shots on goal. They always seem to fly over the cross bar. If only he could bring them down, he'd be much more dangerous. Despite that though, Martin had a good, solid game with his usual gorgeous crosses into the box.

Brian Mullan - 6

If only his header had gone in, our victory over RSL would have been twice as sweet! It was not to be though....

Joseph Nane - 9

Man of the Match, The Slayer of RSL, the new hero in town, Nane had a brilliant game and deserves the credit. His defense was solid and he kept up his aggressive shots on the goal and ended up with the one that Colorado fans will remember for years to come! In a season that is mostly lost, Nane brought joy for a night to all Rapid's supporters!

Jamie Castrillon - 8

He played forward and had multiple opportunities that just never fell his way. Jamie hit the west post on what looked to be a for sure goal that would have put the game out of reach for RSL. His effort and awareness of the goal are reasons he's one of our top scorers.

Omar Cummings - 7

I can be hard on Omar, but that's because I expect a lot out of one of our most beloved strikers. Omar had a great performance against Salt Lake that could only have been better had he scored. He drove the ball forward, but many times had to wait too long for someone else to make it to the box. I always want him to take a chance and shoot in those situations, but deep down I know it's probably best for him to wait for some help.....can't our guys just get there a bit faster!


Wells Thompson - 7

Wells came on just after the second half began, and he came out roaring. He pushed the ball up field aggressively and never let up. I thought for sure one of those drives would result in a goal, but alas, we only had one to celebrate against RSL.

Jamie Smith - 7

Another missed and near gorgeous opportunity to score as Jamie got a ball passed to him just a bit high. Had he got it in stride, another potential goal.

Kamani Hill - N/A

Hill is being used as a sub! Woohoo! Edu did not see the field! Things are looking up!