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MLS Podcast, Colorado Rapids Thugcast Episode 25: Tuna Mac Edition!

It's a shorty this week, we ended up re-recording the Thugcast because of technical difficulties so it got cut down a bit. It's not like we really had that much to talk about following that awful, awful loss to the San Jose Earthquakes anyway.

Also, Ben is eating Tuna Mac.

This week, Ben and I talk at length about, among other things:

* That 4-1 loss to the Quakes and why Oscar Pareja once again proved how naive he is tactically after trying to play a high line against a team that has the tools to torture high lines
* An injury to Brian Mullan and why Oscar should stop playing him, even if the team isn't yet mathmatically eliminated
* Colorado's upcoming game against the Portland Timbers and why the Rapids will probably lose even if they have no business doing so
* Some stat talk about who has the most goals and fewest goals, though Chivas totally ruined that when they scored three on Wednesday

Click the pic below to listen to this week's thuggery.