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Rapids Vs. Timbers - Three Keys to the Game

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Just about the only team left in MLS that the Rapids look like any challenge to might be the Portland Timbers, the only team below the Rapids in the Western Conference table. At least, they are below the Rapids prior to the Friday match between the two teams. Only two points back, a loss on Friday could leave the Rapids in a position they haven't been in quite some time -- dead last place.

Fortunately, Portland isn't all that good either, so it should be an interesting if not entertaining match between two teams battling it out to avoid the dubious distinction of being the Wooden Spoon winners.

What are the three keys to the game? Why, they're not complicated at all!

1. Finish some chances.

2. Finish some chances.

3. Finish some goddamn chances.

What, you want something more in-depth? This is pretty much what it's come down to at this point with the team, finishing needs to get better if they're going to keep getting 10-20 shots a game but 0-1 goals out of them. Heck, that's how they beat Portland last time, so...