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Rapids vs. Timbers - Race For The Wooden Spoon

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Don't look now, but Portland winning that game against Vancouver and Toronto suddenly getting a few results of their own has left the Colorado Rapids teetering unsteadily over the very bottom of the table. Colorado is only two points above the Timbers and a mere five above the 'Worst Team In The World', Toronto FC.

Did we mention that the Rapids play two games in a row against the Timbers next?

It looks like the race for the wooden spoon is going to run through the two game series in Colorado and Portland in late August and early September. If Colorado wins both games, they'll have just about guaranteed that they'll finish above the bottom of the table, while two losses to Portland will just about guarantee the opposite. Toronto will need to have some results as well to make the race stay between those two teams, but they have had some good results as of late under their new coach. (You may have seen the one they had against the Rapids.)

Colorado has never actually dropped a result to Portland in three games against them, outscoring them 7-1 in those three games. But hey, no time like the present, right?