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Hendry Thomas Makes Starting 18, Sees No Time Against San Jose

Even though all the paperwork had been put in on time for Hendry Thomas, it was unexpected that we would see him get any action against the San Jose Earthquakes on Saturday because of some fitness issues. His own words placed him at '70-80 percent fitness' when he arrived in Colorado.

We got a surprise when the game started though, Hendry was in the starting 18 and represented the defensive midfielder spot on the bench. That gave a bit of hope to the fans, hoping that we would see Thomas take the field even if it was only for five or six minutes near the end going into stoppage time. It became even worse when the Rapids went down by three goals and he still wasn't going to be put on, but his fitness issues required him to sit out it seemed.

Hopefully we'll finally get a chance to see what he can do against Portland on Friday -- we're starting to run low on time with only eight games remaining on the schedule.