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San Jose Earthquakes 4 Colorado Rapids 1 - Ouch.

Balloons make everything better!
Balloons make everything better!

So, the good news is that the 4-1 loss that the Rapids suffered against the San Jose Earthquakes along with results for both Portland and Toronto mean that Colorado is getting very close to the bottom of the table, guaranteeing them the first overall pick in next season's draft.

Hey, I didn't say it was going to be very good news, did I?

After a few games that the Rapids had played quite well in but came away with nothing, they finally did what was expected of them looking at their record -- they curled up into the fetal position and got absolutely blasted in a game. Right from the get go, this one looked like it was going to be the proverbial fight between Glass Joe and Mr. Dream.

Colorado actually had the first good chance of the game in the first minute, when a cheeky backheel from Conor Casey led to an early shot on goal from Jaime Castrillon that was lacking power. Turns out that would be the last shot we would see from them in quite a while, as the Quakes took the opportunity to unleash 25 minutes of hell onto the Rapids net.

Matt Pickens made a few saves, but it wouldn't stop the onslaught -- Simon Dawkins eventually broke free of the Rapids defense, cheating too high up the field as they do, and put in goal No. 1 in the 11th minute. After that, the Quakes sat back a bit and let the Rapids attack slightly more often but not to the effect of anything dangerous. All the while, the Quakes continued to break through and put another one in via Alan Gordon in the 43rd minute.

Colorado finally got one back in the 54th minute as Jaime Castrillon earned a corner kick which was put in by Tyrone Marshall, but the short lived high wouldn't last. San Jose quickly scored two more from the same two suspects in the 68th and 75th minutes, leaving 15 more minutes of nothing much before it ended.

Really, the only interesting part of this game was that Hendry Thomas was on the bench, but he didn't see any time as was predicted.


GOAT OF THE MATCH: Hunter Freeman and Luis Zapata were both brutal as wingbacks, and didn't even provide the good offense that we're used to from them.