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MLS Podcast, Colorado Rapids Thugcast Episode 24: Rant-a-licious Edition!

Ben and myself are both mad as hell, and we're not going to take it any more! Well actually, we're both fairly calm and we're probably going to keep taking it forever but we still enjoy venting our team and fan frustrations on the Rapids Thugcast.

This week was very busy both on and off the field for Colorado, tune in to this week's Thugcast to hear us crab on as usual about, among other things...

* Colorado's 1-1 draw against Chivas and why it was really just par for the course this season
* Hendry Thomas and why he's set up to excel for Colorado, and why even if he doesn't it was absolutely worth grabbing him for the Rapids
* Ben rants about Gary Smith and the reasons why he was fired vs. the reasons that seem to be in the lexicon
* I rant about the 'Fire Pareja' movement and why it would be absolutely stupid to fire our gaffer, regardless of how good or bad a job he may be doing at the moment
* The upcoming match against the not-at-all-dirty San Jose Earthquakes and how badly the Rapids are probably going to lose to them at Buck Shaw over the weekend

Check out the Thugcast by clicking on the picture below!