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MLS thinks Conor Casey is the player who can change the Rapids fortunes

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They posted an article here a few days ago that would normally have passed under the radar, and I wanted to make a quick note of my thoughts here before I get to my other articles this week. Here is the quote in question from



Of MLS players with 50 or more career goals, only six players have a higher goals per 90 than Casey's .54. He's been an elite player ever since Toronto shipped him to Colorado, and the only thing that's slowed him in the last five years was a torn Achilles last season. He's still working his way back to full fitness, but if he regains his customary scoring touch along the way, some of those one-goal losses the Rapids have been staring at could turn into one-goal wins. Still, time is running short.

  • Season statistics: 13 GP (9 GS), 793 minutes, 2 G, 2 A
  • Current Western Conference standing: Eighth (26 points, 25 games played – 11 points behind Vancouver)

My thought is: good thought, MLS, and nice idea, but...

And I think we've all kind of had that reaction. Conor Casey hasn't been himself this year. He's getting injured more and more often. No, I don't think we should be talking retirement or even gurgling about possibly trading him or trying to get a transfer fee for him (no one would take him for nearly what he's worth to the club, or in a transfer case the league, from even a marketing standpoint) .

If anyone needs to step it up, it's been the strikers. The defense has been, if anything, better than they had been in previous months. They've certainly improved and look to get even better with the addition of Hendry Thomas. But Conor isn't the one I'd point to as the guy whose game has to change in order to save this club.

It's Omar Cummings, it's Edu, it's Kamani Hill, it's Tony Cascio, it's Andre Akpan... it's everyone who takes the position of striker. The conversion rate of the Rapids right now is abysmal. On average, we're converting 1 chance for every 14 shots taken, and for every really good chance where we should be expected to score? On average we're looking at about 1 goal for every 5 golden opportunities.

So can the Borussia Dortmund product turn this ship around and start putting up numbers that changes that 1 goal per 5 to a more deadly 1 goal per 2 (or heck, I'd even take 1 goal per 3 provided we've got enough shots)? My answer: he can't do it alone. MLS is wrong. Conor Casey cannot save the Rapids without help from Omar Cummings and the rest of the Colorado Rapids striker cadre.

And that's facts. That's not MLS "Pretty much PR disguised as news and opinion".