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A View From The South Stands: Through An Unbiased Lense

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"Fandamonium". I feel like there are many Colorado Rapids fans following this team and are unable to look at this team with an unbiased eye. These fans are unable to talk objectively about the teams current state of being, but once someone leaves the team they are more than fine with bashing everything about them.

Recently I have been extremely frustrated with fans of this team. I LOVE this team but I also know how to look at it with a clear head and see the good and the bad that is going on. The biggest example of this is fans continual obsession with insisting that Oscar Pareja is actually doing a good job. Pareja’s current record is 8-15-2. For some reason this record isn’t bringing a chorus from fans calling for a change.

I had a conversation the other day with a fan that gave Pareja a complete pass because this isn’t the team he wants; even though he has brought in a total of 10 new players (9 of which are still on the team). Of the current roster 1/3 of it are guys that Pareja has brought in and 4 other players; Matt Pickens, Drew Moor, Jeff Larentowicz, and Omar Cummings, have signed multi year extensions. So nearly half of the team is what Oscar Pareja wants.

Now I understand fans wanting to hold on to anything to make them feel better about a team, but when the front office gets rid of a coach after a MLS cup run and a playoff appearance the following year, and replace him with a coach who consistently loses; there is no hope to be found. In Gary Smith’s three years with the club is overall record was 47-30-35. Admittedly it doesn’t look like the greatest of records but even in his worst year (which just so happened to be his first year as well) he went 10-10-10.

Smith’s teams had a knack for pulling draws out of the face of defeats. While by no means were they the best product to be put on the field ever; they were a far better product than what we are seeing now. Pareja already has, in less than a full year, half of the losses (15) that Gary Smith had during his entire three-year tenure (30). Pareja has not been able to get his team to play to the level that we as fans deserve and expect. Yet the majority of fans are giving him a pass. Why is that?

Pareja has done nothing to deserve a pass on his horrible record, or the horrible product he is putting on the field. Whenever I say something critical about Pareja or certain players on the team (specifically players brought in by Pareja) I feel the wrath of these fans. What has Pareja done for this team and fan base that he deserves this blind faith in him? What did Smith do, besides win a cup, that he deserves constant ridicule from those same fans? And why can’t I say that Pareja is not a good coach without these fans getting defensive (especially when the facts back my argument)?