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American Midfielder Anton Peterlin Trialing With Colorado

The slowly going rebuild of the Colorado Rapids midfield is continuing to roll along, with another new name being thrown into the mix now, American midfielder Anton Peterlin. Peterlin has bounced around Europe for the last couple of years, getting playing time mostly with Plymouth Argyle and Walsall after being taken in by Everton but receiving no games outside the reserves.

From the official Rapids press release:

Peterlin, who considers himself ''mostly a box to box midfielder," is hoping this trial could lead to a new beginning.

"It's been a while since I've competitively," he said. "I just want to be seen again, and hopefully I can do well and get a contract here in Colorado."

Certainly, he would not be a huge signing like Hendry Thomas was -- Plymouth and Walsall certainly are nowhere near EPL quality -- but it's good to see that the Rapids are continuing to look around the world for decent players to add into the system as they keep building Oscar Pareja's preferred style of team.

From what he's said about himself and what the stats on him say, it doesn't look like he's much of an attacking threat. It's probably more useful for Oscar Pareja to focus on picking up strikers in that regard anyway as he tries to bolster the holding presence in the midfield with Jaime Castrillon and Martin Rivero doing plenty to provide the attacking flair that the team needed prior to the season in the middle of the park.