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Hendry Thomas - A Wigan Fan's Perspective As He Moves To Colorado

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In what was one of the biggest pick ups in recent memory of a player, at least in terms of credentials, the Colorado Rapids signed up former Wigan Athletic defensive midfielder Hendry Thomas yesterday. Since I don't watch much Wigan -- the only player of theirs I knew much about in recent years was former Palace man Victor Moses, who doesn't even play for them any more now! -- or Honduras football, I decided to ask for some outside info on our new midfielder.

Fortunately, we have a fantastic Wigan blog called Pie Eaters Footie in the SBN Network, and I asked their lead blogger HeapyLatic to give us some info on what kind of a player we're getting. The review was, to put it bluntly, splendid considering the type of player we were looking for to beef up the defensive presence in the midfield.

Follow me after the jump to see what was said about our new man...

When Hendry Thomas signed for the club in 2009, a lot was expect of the then 24 year old midfielder, and it soon became apparent that he was going to follow in the footsteps of his fellow country man Wilson Palacios, who also had great success with the club. Thomas was putting in consistent man of the match performances, thanks to his great stamina and ability to see when and where to make those last ditch tackles that we all love to see. He isn't a dirty player, yet he is known for picking up bookings, quite regularly, so watch out for those piling up during the season.

You will never need to moan or complain due to his tireless work rate and effort, which sees him run from the first to the last minute, even is he is injured. On the whole I couldn't say a bad word about him, he isn't an attacking midfielder, so don't expect any spectacular goals or even efforts to hit the target. Nor that defense splitting pass, he can move the ball about, but when it comes to chances Hendry is better at breaking them up rather than creating them.

All in all you are signing yourself a gem of a player who will surely help to beef up any midfield.

All that sounds pretty good to me, especially in replacement of perhaps the most sure defensive midfielder in Rapids history.

Thanks to HeapyLatic for helping us out with that, go check out Pie Eaters Footie if you want to know more about the wide world of Wigan.