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MLS Podcast, Colorado Rapids Thugcast Episode 22: Lawsy Lawsy Edition!

This week's Thugcast comes at the end of a terrible July, and we're hoping that we will find some new-found life in August! We kind of doubt it though, all things considered.

Join Ben and myself this week for chatter about the following:

* The loss to Seattle and the failures of the month of July in general
* Don Garber's failure of a new schedule and how they are slowly ruining the RSL-Colorado rivalry by making the Rocky Mountain Cup mean less and less
* Pablo Mastroeni's possible new role as a player/coach and whether or not he will join the team as a full time coach at the end of the season
* This weekend's Real Salt Lake match, with Ben making a surprisingly optimistic prediction.

Sadly though, we forgot to insert our made up rumor of the week where we decided that Edu and Claudio Lopez were now the same person instead of Scott Palguta.

Clicky the Thugcast logo as per usual to check out this week's Thugcast!