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Omar Cummings Salary Decreased Slightly After Latest Contract Extension

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Back in May, the MLSPA released the salaries of the players and we took a little look at who the top earners were. Shortly thereafter, Omar Cummings was given a new, multi-year and since it came after the list was released, his new salary -- which we were assuming would be higher than his current one as he hadn't gotten much of a pay raise in recent years -- was a mystery.

Well, the MLSPA has released an updated salary list, with the numbers now up to date for August 1st. It contained a bit of a surprise on it as well regarding Cummings -- it looks like his recent contract extension actually saw him taking a very slight pay cut.

Cummings before was making $90,492 base salary this season, with $99,242 guaranteed. According to the new list, his salary is now about $82,000 with about $96,000 guaranteed.

Nothing really to look into regarding that, it's just an interesting quirk of the new salary list that I noticed. Considering the low contribution that Cummings has brought the team in the past two years, it's not really that surprising that a few thousand dollars were slashed off of his compensation.

Now, cut Edu's salary!