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Pablo Mastroeni a future fixture on the Rapids coaching staff?

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It's pretty much a foregone conclusion at this point that Pablo Mastroeni is probably in his final season of being on the field for the Colorado Rapids. After two major concussions in under a year at his age, it's very unlikely that the team will want to risk keeping him on the field and Oscar Pareja has already hinted as much a few times this season.

That leaves the obvious question -- what's next for Mastroeni?

We discuss this on the Thugcast for this week, Pareja has been sending Pablo out to the field to practice with the guys to try and inspire them to play better and boost their level. If it works, the next logical step might be to keep Pablo on at the end of the season as a member of the coaching staff. It also bears mentioning that the very attack minded current coaching staff could probably use a solid defensive mind like Mastroeni to shore up that part of the squad.

What say you guys, do you think Pablo should, in the very likely event that 2012 is his final year on the field, join up with Colorado's coaching staff in the off season?