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Rapids Sunday Link Dump 8-19

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The Colorado Rapids may have gotten their second draw of the season last night against Chivas USA, but it certainly felt a lot more like a loss. The Rapids seemed to dominate the game all night with 19 attempts on goal versus Chivas' 5.

This was a must win game for the 'Pids, we didn't lose, but it sure didn't feel good giving up a late equalizer on our home field.

News and links from the week after the jump. Best news of the week at the end!! And apologies for this being so late, I've been laid up in bed all weekend...

Angel makes Rapids pay as Chivas get late 1-1 tie

MLS Soccer game summary. Says pretty much what I summarized above. We dominated until late when we just kind of let up a bit.

Rapids living own 'Groundhog Day' in another let down

It’s like a movie," Rapids head coach Oscar Pareja told reporters postgame. "I thought the game was leaning towards us and we had chances and options, and defensively, we played very well. And we came out with one point. That’s the way it is, but it’s disappointing."

Colorado Rapids let win slip away

Denver Posts' take on last nights game. Pretty much saying everything else from the last two stories here.

Colorado Rapids still playing for 2012

After last night our slim hopes of making the playoffs look even worse than before. But Pareja says they are still playing for this season.

U.S. Soccer beats Mexico in Mexico for first time

The best news of the week, is that our boys in the red white and blue beat Mexico for the first time in Mexico, just a week after they took the Gold in the Olympics!