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Rapids Thugcast SPECIAL EDITION Episode 23.5

Oh, hi there. You may or may not know, but the reason I haven't been around this week is because I've been on vacation with Virginia in Chicago and Minnesota. It's my week off, basically. So why am I here writing this post inside of a Dunkin Donuts right now? Well, we have a super-special edition Rapids Thugcast for you this week before the Chivas USA game tomorrow!

You see, Virginia and I met up with Burgundy Wave and Rapids Thugcast superstar Ben in Minnesota on the first day of our trip and we went to see a Minnesota Stars game together. (Ben wrote an article about it, you should probably read that right now. Or as you listen to this. Your call, really.) As the game ended, we went back to Ben's place and watched some highlights from the Rapids 3-2 loss to FC Dallas that evening on the compuer while recording our reactions.

Hilarity ensued. Listen to this very special LIVE Thugcast and enjoy! I'll see you guys again on Monday when I get back from Chicago.