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Playoff Positioning Has To Start Sooner Than Later For Colorado

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The Rapids will probably need somewhere between 45-50 points if they want to make the playoffs, which means that from their current standing they're going to need, give or take, about 20 points. That means they're going to need to win seven games or so over the remainder of the season, or at least get a couple of draws. Considering this team has only drawn one game this season, that seems unlikely.

In that regard, we're sticking with the seven wins. Two games left against Chivas and Portland each are coming up, and those are the only games that could be classified as 'highly winnable' considering the form of the two teams. Past that, the Rapids will need to pull themselves together and win at least three more of the matches, ideally all of those being the Western conference games before the Rapids take on Houston to end the year.

It will be a heck of a test, requiring that the Rapids take three points from a team like the Earthquakes or Galaxy at least once if not twice. At the very least, if they got a playoff spot out of that, it will most certainly have been earned.

Oscar Pareja has said he believes that a playoff spot is possible as long as the team pulls themselves together, and against Real Salt Lake two weeks ago they showed that was very possible. So can they get seven more wins out of the 11 games remaining?