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Fun With Stats: The Rapids Have Indeed Been Unlucky

Matt may like those posts, but...
Matt may like those posts, but...

(This was written before the latest FC Dallas game so the statistic may be a bit off. Stupid scheduling things to post before you leave on vacation!)

Sure, the Colorado Rapids haven't played all that well at points this season. We've been calling for quite a bit of bad luck in the mix as well, and considering some of the games we've seen -- both games against Vancouver immediately come to mind -- it makes sense that a bit of bad luck has come into play en route to the Rapids current losing record.

Well, OPTA has provided us with a stat that might help that case out a bit. Turns out that you aren't imagining things if you seem to recall the ball hitting the post more than it really should be for the Rapids -- they happen to lead the league in that statistic.

Fun with stats indeed! That's not a very fun number. Again, if the Rapids can pick up on their luck and their shot conversion rate, the offense alone should be able to carry this team a ways farther than it has looked like it could in the past month or so.