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Colorado Rapids vs. FC Dallas Player Ratings

FRISCO, TX - AUGUST 11: Goal keeper Steward Ceus #31 of the Colorado Rapids dives and misses the goal by Jair Benitez #5 of FC Dallas runs past at FC Dallas Stadium on August 11, 2012 in Frisco, Texas. (Photo by Layne Murdoch/Getty Images)
FRISCO, TX - AUGUST 11: Goal keeper Steward Ceus #31 of the Colorado Rapids dives and misses the goal by Jair Benitez #5 of FC Dallas runs past at FC Dallas Stadium on August 11, 2012 in Frisco, Texas. (Photo by Layne Murdoch/Getty Images)
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Despite another loss to a western conference team, at least the Colorado Rapids were competitive against FC Dallas. I had the feeling once we scored the first goal to take the lead that we were playing so well that we may have been able to sneak 3 points out of Dallas, or at least get our second draw of the year.

Unfortunately everything collapsed and we suddenly became the team trying to catch up. Missed chances, blown coverage and frustration seemed to define our boys night. But had a few balls gone just a different way we were threatening to tie up the game near the end.

I thought that our team played hard but just could not get passed whatever seems to be keeping them from the next level. Follow the jump for player ratings.

0 - Awful, horrible, why is he even on the field!?
1-3 - Poor. Why is he starting?
4-6 - Decent. Played a reasonable game, but could have done much more.
7-9 - Great game! Did nearly everything right with few mistakes
10 - Perfect game.

Matt Pickens - 6

There wasn't much Pickens could have done to stop some of those goals from Dallas. They came from so far out of the box and his view was blocked by our defenders. The shots were also very well placed shots. Pickens had some good saves, and I thought overall did well.

Drew Moor - 4

Moor committed the foul that lead to Dallas' second goal, but you don't usually expect a free kick like that to hit the back of the net. he also lost his man on the third goal for FC Dallas.

Hunter Freeman - 4

I felt like Freeman was just getting in the way at times in this game. But he did set up Mullan quite nicely early on.

Luis Zapata - 4

Zapata committed the most fouls against Dallas and like the rest of the defense was out of position quite a bit. He also seemed to be lazily defending on Dallas' third goal.

Marvell Wynne - 5

Nothing really stood out for me in Marvell's play (though it may have been the poor quality of my hotel TV). I'll give him an average rating unless any one objects in the comments!

Brian Mullan - 6

Mullan's effort to keep the ball in play to get the assist off of Castrillon's goal was fantastic. His header nearly found the goal. But he was also defending poorly, and lost him coverage which directly lead to Dallas' first goal.

Jeff Larentowicz - 7

I thought that Jeff had an all around great game. Good defending, especially at the start of the game to clear the ball from the box. Lots of shots on goal, including a great rocket from about 25 yards out to score our second goal. He also nearly tied up the game, but it wasn't to be...

Joseph Nane - 4

Poor Joseph had such an exciting game against RSL only to plummet back down to Earth against Dallas. He was taken out early in the second half, which was probably a huge blow to his confidence to play for only 7 minutes at the start of the half and be taken out.

Martin Rivero - 5

Rivero set up Castrillon and Cummings on Hartman's great double save. He sure is good at putting the ball into the box in play. Aside from that, I didn't notice Rivero much.

Jamie Castrillon - 5

Sure, he scored the goal but Brian Mullan did most of the work. He also nearly set up Cummings for a beautiful goal if it had not been saved. But his red card ejection was uncalled for...sure Dallas should have gotten a yellow card on the play, but Castrillon's kick was uncalled for.

Omar Cummings - 6

Omar has had a very up and down week. He got the call up again to his national team, but then in the media Pareja called him out and has threatened to bench him for not scoring in the last five games. Last week I said I wished Omar just took his chances more and shot the ball immediately instead of waiting for the opportunity as a great one passed him by. This week I felt he took his shots, but missed on a wide open net and had a goalkeeper make 2 great saves. I think that Pareja could figure out the formation that Omar thrives in. It was also dissapointing to see him taken out so early.


Wells Thompson - 5

I didn't like this sub. I thought that if Pareja was going to take out Mullan who was playing well, he should have put in Jamie Smith who is a more aggressive mid-fielder. Thompson did well, but did not create the chances we needed.

Andre Akpan - 4

No real chances to score when he was brought on specifically to ramp up our attack.

Tony Cascio - 4

See above.