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Dave Dir Hire Keeps Colorado's Technical Staff Moving Forward

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Over the weekend, the Colorado Rapids announced that they had hired Dave Dir to act as their goalkeeper coach as well as an assistant to Oscar Pareja. Dir has had Colorado roots before but was mostly well known for being the head coach of the Dallas Burn from MLS' inaugural season until 2001.

The hiring of Dir isn't anything too drastic or surprising, but it does signal that the years of Smith and Clavijo are indeed at an end. The man that Dir is replacing, David Kramer, was the last bastion of the team's coaching staff from Clavijo's era and was one of the few remaining from Gary Smith's three seasons as well.

Getting Dir is another move forward for the team's technical staff as Oscar Pareja tries to build his perfect coaching team -- hopefully Pablo Mastroeni will be on board soon as well, eh? -- with guys loaded with MLS experience. Dir in particular is a great hire in that regard, he knows his stuff, has built up youth players many times in his career and hoisted the only trophy that was ever won in Dallas, the 1997 Open Cup.

If the team continues to build a coaching staff with a strong MLS and youth building pedigree, it can only mean good things. That, after all, was one of the reasons I liked the Pareja hire so much in the first place.