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Colorado Rapids August Preview: Playoffs? You Wanna Talk About Playoffs?! I Just Hope We Can Win A Game!

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Last month produced a whopping amount of nothing for the Colorado Rapids and their fans, except for a heaping helping of frustration. It doesn't look like the month of August is going to be providing all that much relief either, with plenty more games against tough Western Conference competition.

At least all of the games against Seattle are over, but now the Rapids have to face Real Salt Lake again as well as a bunch of other teams we're probably going to lose to because let's face it, that's just our style recently. Only one Eastern conference game remains on the docket, and we won't be seeing it until the very last game of the season so buckle in and enjoy Chivas, the Galaxy and Portland for the next two months!

We might want to talk about perhaps making the playoffs, but at this point... well, Jim Mora knows.

August 4th vs. Real Salt Lake - You know, one of the big 'selling points' for Don Garber when it came to the new scheduling format was the fact that it would 'rekindle rivalries' around MLS. (Except Dallas and Houston but who cares about them really?) Well, considering that there is literally no reason to care about Saturday's match because the schedule gave RSL a chance to re-win the Rocky Mountain Cup before the Rapids even got a home game, I'd say it failed pretty hard. Won't help that we're all expecting another 2-0 loss.

August 11th at FC Dallas - This will be the rubber game in the series between the Rapids and Dallas, two teams duking it out to be at the very bottom of the Western Conference. Call it the 'tank' series!

August 18th vs. Chivas USA - Don't look now, but Chivas are suddenly very interested in getting back to the solid form that saw them make the playoffs in their first few seasons of existence. They just traded for Shalrie Joseph and acquired Danny Califf and Juan Agudelo earlier in the season, big moves that signify they want to make some noise and make it now. This game won't be nearly as easy as the 4-0 drubbing we saw earlier in the season.

August 25th at San Jose Earthquakes - The Rapids couldn't beat the Earthquakes at DSGP. They will likely not beat the Earthquakes at Buck Shaw, especially if they get 9 minutes of stoppage time.

August 31st at Portland Timbers - This is the first of two games in a row against Portland, and past the Dallas game it will probably be the easiest game of the month for the Rapids with Portland faltering just as much near the bottom of the West.

Can the Rapids get out of August with more than three points? Stay tuned!