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A View From The South Stand: Stan Kroenke... Good or Bad?

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OK, so maybe I have been a little too hard on this front office that the Colorado Rapids currently have. Maybe there is another reason that the rapids are not fairing well this season. If it is not Oscar Pareja, or Paul Bravo then who do the fans look to to express our frustrations?

You have read me write about my frustrations a lot this season, from talking about the lack of chemistry on the team to talking about the lack of aggressiveness on this team. Some of the things that I have expressed frustration about can be easily fixed. A lack of chemistry can be fixed through allowing players to play in a consistent formation.

Other things; such as a lack of aggressiveness, are more than likely a product of the environment that the team resides in. We have talked back and forth about whether or not Oscar Pareja is a good coach, or if we have been holding Gary Smith’s tenure with the team in too much esteem.

So where can we place our frustrations? Stan Kroenke possibly? Does Stan Kroenke and Kroenke Sports Entertainment having controlling interests in so many teams mean that they have spread themselves too thin? When Stan Kroenke bought the St. Louis Rams a couple of years ago; the NFL told him that he needed to turn over his ownership of the Avalanche and Nuggets. Maybe the NFL has something with their mandate to Kroenke.

KSE has controlling ownership in 6 different teams: the Denver Nuggets, the Colorado Avalanche, the St. Louis Rams, the Colorado Rapids, the Colorado Mammoth, and Arsenal FC. With so much to focus on it has got to be hard to put full effort into any one team. Apparently this season Arsenal fans started to blame Kroenke for their rough start as well.

If you look back at the last couple of years and the records of the teams that KSE owns you can see that the teams are not faring all that well. The St. Louis Rams may be the best example of this. Since KSE has taken over they have had only a single season where they won more than three games.

Now what does this mean? Can we place our frustrations on the shoulders of KSE or do we keep the frustrations aimed at the coaches and players? For now I suppose the answer is that we just do not know.