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Remembering Kosuke Kimura

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Kosuke Kimura was always a fan favorite among Rapids fans not because he was a particularly world class player, but because he was a world class guy. On the field he was the type of player that Americans seem to love -- fast, high energy, a guy who could run all day. He wasn't going to physically destroy anyone nor was he going to put an ankle breaker on someone to get up the field, but his play was always non-stop.

My favorite memory of Kimura was when he stopped into the Three Lions one day during a Barca-Real Madrid game and hang out on the couch with all the fans there. Watching Kosuke screaming at the TV whenever Barcalona made a move was entertaining as hell.

I guess that's what I liked most about Kosuke, he was so damn entertaining. His warrior-esque speech right before the 2010 Cup Final that was posted on Facebook was a classic. After games he always had a witty quip to say and on the field he was, of course, always 100% high motor. Always moving, always running, always getting into it with somebody. We called him a 'hard worker' for a reason, he might not have had the straight up talent to be a top right back but he always put in the work and the energy to force his way into the role.

So while Kosuke probably won't be missed that much on the field when it's all said and done, you'll be hard pressed to find a player who we'll miss more simply as a fanbase.

That's my little piece on our favorite man from Japan. What are your favorite Kimura moments?