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Colorado Rapids Feature On Jersey Against Whitecaps

The Colorado Rapids have famously never had a jersey sponsor, so when they came out of the tunnel last night with a picture and words on the front of their kit it caught some people by surprise. It wasn't a real jersey sponsor though, simply a Colorado flag and a kind gesture by the Rapids to feature on their jerseys.

HelpColoradoNow is a site dedicated to helping out with the recent spat of wildfires in Colorado by offering links to make financial and material donations. They also offer chances to volunteer during the recovery phase for the Waldo Canyon, High Park and all of the other fires that have been covering Colorado for the past couple of weeks.

It was a good thing done by the Rapids in front of the sold out crowd. I would urge you to head over to just as the Rapids urged you. Wildfire relief is something far more important than football.

The Rapids will be auctioning off the jerseys worn to help with fire relief as well.