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Player Ratings Colorado Rapids vs. Vancouver Whitecaps: Where everyone plays mediocre and we don't get a result.

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The MLS highlight reel from the Colorado Rapids 1 - 0 loss to the Vancouver Whitecaps reads as follows:

-Castrillion header just wide; Casey misses just wide; Casey long shot deflected; Freeman with long range effort; Colorado with great chane; Canon robs Casey on header; Mullan shot is saved; Longshot from Larentowicz; Colorado with good chance; Rapids with good opportunity; Cascio tries near post; Cascio header late almost equalizes.

And those are just our missed chances that made the highlight reel. Colorado played a good game, but could never finish to put the ball in the net. Joe Cannon, Vancouver's keeper, kept the Rapids from winning this game. A disappointing loss for sure, but thankfully it wasn't the barn-burner we saw earlier in the year.

Mediocre player ratings after the jump.

What are your thoughts on the players? Who would you rate higher or lower? Let me know in the comments!

Scoring Guide
0 - Horrible! Played like Toronto FC
1-3 - Poor. Put up a FC Dallas performance
4-6 - Decent. This is the Colorado Rapids.
7-9 - Great game! San Jose Earthquakes
10 - Perfect game. Manchester City!

Matt Pickens - 6

Pickens did not have to do much, with our defense playing well and Vancouver only having 3 attempts on goal. Unfortunately one of those attempts went in the back of the net. There wasn't much he could have done to stop the one goal of the game, but Vancouver did not challenge him much.

Hunter Freeman - 5

Played solid defense. He's been improving with every start he's gotten.

Marvell Wynne - 5

Wynne could have done more to stop Vancouver's one goal. But goals are going to happen, so I won't fault him too much for this mistake.

Drew Moor - 4

Moor's slight error of trying to clear the ball, missing and then letting Mattocks get the ball contributed to the goal. Not great, but not horrible. If only we converted on one of our thousands of chances this wouldn't have mattered much.

Luis Zapata - 5

Good game, not great (just like everyone else) he played good defense and was responsible for creating many of our chances. If only the ball went into the net on one of these....

Brian Mullan - 6

Mullan had a couple shots, had some solid defending, and again put the ball into the box well. But it just never amounted to anything for us. (I'm seeing a theme here...)

Jeff Larentowicz - 6

Solid as always. Four shots on goal, held the ball in the mid-field for us well and controlled the game. But it was all for naught....

Martin Rivero- 5

Took all of our corner kicks, which he is usually great at. They weren't bad kicks, but could have been better. Just like the whole game.

Jamie Castrillon - 4

He seemed to really be invisible to me this game. I remember thinking at the half that I hadn't seen him do much. Had we actually scored, he probably would have contributed to the play, but his presence was not felt much.

Omar Cummings- 4

Omar was the biggest disappointment for me of the night. He still looks like he's recovering and not getting any scoring chances. I can't wait til he's a full 90 minutes fit again!

Conor Casey - 6

Great game by Casey. As you can see from the highlight reel he had a lot of chances that just didn't work out. Some went wide, some had great saves. He played with energy and drive that much of the rest of the team seemed to lack. I hope it's contagious and other's start playing with his passion.


Tony Cascio - 5

He replaced Omar and quickly was making an impact at forward. Too bad he didn't score on his chances.

Jamie Smith - 5

Replaced Castrillon and was definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Edu - 3

Edu gets my lowest rating of the game. I don't know why he have him. I thought Kamani Hill should have come on instead. Edu didn't do much and I was very disappointed, especially when we were really driving for the equalizer at the end of the game.