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MLS Podcast, Colorado Rapids Thugcast Episode 19: Jaime Castrillon Anonymous Edition

What's that you say? The Rapids won a game? The Rapids won a game in a solid manner, even? Well, I never!

OK, so that might be a bit mean. Still, the Rapids absolute dominance of the Portland Timbers was a bit unexpected, especially to us pessimistic jerks at the Rapids Thugcast. Fortunately, we finally have some good news to talk about after that games brilliance. Everyone's healthy, and that's a good thing with the brutal month coming up.

Listen to this week's Thugcast to hear Ben and myself chat about:

* Colorado's 3-0 win over the Portland Timbers and how awesome it was to see Pareja style soccer played at its absolute peak
* Jaime Castrillon, including some extrapolation on Ben's article from Monday about 'The Invisible Man' himself
* Thoughts on Quincy Amarikwa, Ross LaBauex and Eddie Ababio being waived, and more complaints about Scott Palguta still being on the team (We still hate the term 'Hustle')
* The month of July, with a short analysis on each game and why it's the most important month on the Rapids schedule (Also Ben is a dick)
* This week's upcoming Vancouver and Seattle matches, including somewhat optimistic predictions from us for once.

Happy Fourth of July, everyone! Clicky the piccy down there: