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Colorado Rapids Hosting Peri Marosevic On Trial

Not much has been working on offense or defense for the Colorado Rapids recently, but the offense has specifically been frustrating. As such, the team has been trying out new bodies and combinations of players in order to find what can work for them in the future as the experimental part of the lost season begins.

Another name we might see in the future is former US U-20 forward Peri Marosevic, who was revealed to be on trial with the Rapids today by Chris Bianchi earlier:

Marosevic has bounced around MLS for a couple of years now but hasn't stuck anywhere yet. FC Dallas held him for two years but he was only able to get four appearances for them. He eventually moved on to Toronto FC, where he scored a goal in CCL play against Pumas and made a handful of other appearances for them but was left unsigned.

They found lightning in a bottle with Kamani Hill earlier in the season, so perhaps Peri could provide another good American name for the Rapids moving forward.