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Now Might Not Be The Time For Colorado To Go For A DP

Remember this guy? He's still on the books.
Remember this guy? He's still on the books.

Since losing their sixth game in a row to the Seattle Sounders, fans of the Rapids have been a bit antsy lately. It makes sense why, this is the worst that the team has performed in the standings in a decade, frustrating still for a team that won a trophy only two years ago.

Predictably, the calls to start throwing money at the problem have started up, specifically in the form of a Designated Player. The Rapids are one of the only teams left in the league who have never put up the money to get a DP, though Conor Casey is technically earning DP money that's been cut down by allocation funds so he doesn't count.

Does it make sense to go for a DP halfway through the season though? I'd say it doesn't.

Now, I wouldn't say that it makes no sense to go for a DP in general, clearly if the Rapids find a guy that they like enough to splash the cash on in the off season they would be foolish to not go for it. They would probably be well advised to wait a while though, and it's almost entirely a money issue.

Of course, part of it is a form issue. One of the reasons that the team has been performing so inconsistently and frustratingly this season is because there are so many new players in the team trying to learn the new system of play together with the old guard players. Some of the players have shown that they have the potential to be great talents in MLS despite the bad form, so adding another talented player isn't likely to help bring the team into the playoffs and beyond.

With that said, the 0-6 month of July most likely destroyed any chance of a playoff berth, and all three other trophies of various colors that the Rapids could have won are also out. (Open Cup, Supporters Shield, Rocky Mountain Cup) In that regard, there's really no reason to splash the cash to bring anyone in until 2013 even though the rest of this season is going to likely remain a bit painful to watch.

There's still a few monetary issues to deal with on the team as well. They still have Caleb Folan on the books technically -- $300K a year right there -- and with Conor Casey, Edu and some other high salaries sapping the funds they'll probably do well to wait until they have some more free space to put the money into a high salaried player.

Fans seem desperate to save 2012 for the team right now, but the team would probably be better advised to wait it out.