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Colorado Rapids vs. Portland Timbers Player Ratings

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The Colorado Rapids moved the ball down the pitch against the Portland Timbers as if they were rafting down the Arkansas River. Nothing was able to stop them. Not even a log jam of timber in the Rivero.

On Saturday night the Rapids beat the Portland Timbers 3-0 in one of their best games of the year. Or one of the Timbers worst games of the year, depending on how you look at it. The Rapids scored quickly and often, with two goals coming before the 23rd minute by Jamie Castrillion and Conor Casey. The Rapids then continued their attack all game, as the Timbers seemed baffled by how to defend their goal. Troy Perkins came up big a few times, but ultimately not enough to keep the Rapids out of the net for a third goal as Jamie Smith knocked one home in his return to major league action!

This was all around a great game for the boys in Burgundy. Keep reading after the jump for player ratings from the game! And lets hope they can keep looking this good as this month progresses.

Scoring Guide
0 - Awful, horrible, why is he even on the field!?
1-3 - Poor. Why is he starting?
4-6 - Decent. Played a reasonable game, but could have done much more.
7-9 - Great game! Did nearly everything right with few mistakes
10 - Perfect game.


Matt Pickens - 8
The entire defense shut down the Timbers, but it all started with Pickens. The few shots that Portland did get, he was able to clear them well. Pickens also tied the Rapids all time career wins with 39, and has a chance to become the all-time leader against Vancouver.

Drew Moor - 7
Solid game a fantastic defense from our Captain. Moor anchored our backline and the Timbers just could not get anything passed him. His passes were spot on and which really helped us to dominate the entire game.

Hunter Freeman - 8
Freeman seems to be an enigma to me. He does awful one match and then the next he is creating chances all over the place and playing smart soccer. Freeman helped to create the first two goals, including a beautiful run into the edge of the box to get by four Timbers.

Marvell Wynne - 7
Wynne had a quiet game, but really shut down the Timbers in every way. He is slowly getting back to his old form and it's great to seem him in the starting 11 again.

Luis Zapata - 7
Zapata also had a quiet game, but that's what you want from your defense. If no one notices you then you are doing your job well. The whole defense seemed to really be where our best opportunities began from smart passes.

Jeff Larentowicz -7
The Rapids had 83% passing accuracy and nearly 60% of the possession. The midfield really controlled the ball and made the Timbers look like they were just chasing after it. Jeff had a lot to do with this.

Martin Rivero -7
What an amazing setup for Tony Cascio on our final goal. Martin Rivero gave Cascio the perfect pass to let him and Jamie Smith just out run the Portland defense. Rivero also had a couple threatening shots on goal and is really turning into one of our top players.

Jamie Castrillion - 9
Read Ben's post about Jamie Castrillion. You won't regret it. That's why he's the Man of the Match!

Brian Mullan - 9
Mullan is my other Man of the Match! Every ball that he crossed into the box seemed like it should have been a goal and he got the assist on Casey's goal as well as threading Freeman to Castrillon for the first goal. All around great game, and he is going to be key to our success this year.

Conor Casey - 8
Conor was all over the place, putting ball after ball on the net. I'm surprised he didn't have at least another goal. With service into the box like Mullan and Freeman were giving him, I won't be surprised to see him start racking up the goals.

Omar Cummings - 6
Omar did great this game, though it was obvious he was coming off an injury. He was a bit slower than usual, and really slowed down before being subbed off. He had some good opportunities and helped create many chances earlier in the game. Having Cummings and Casey back on the pitch together was exciting to watch!


Tony Cascio - 7
What a great through ball he got from Rivero, and then he made the best decision to pass over to Jamie Smith. He only played a few minutes, but looked great as a sub.

Jamie Smith - 7
Jamie's first game of the season. Jamie's first goal of the season. So happy to have him back!

Wells Thompson - NA
When Wells came in the game was already over. He did well, but it didn't matter that much at that point.