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Poll of the week: Who is your favorite new Rapids player?

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The Colorado Rapids brought on a bunch of new players this season, and we're far enough into said season to have gotten a pretty good feel for the playing style of these new players.

Pre-season, the Rapids picked up Hunter Freeman, Tony Cascio, Jaime Castrillon, Martin Rivero, and Luis Zapata. Kamani Hill was added to the team a few weeks in, and Eduardo "Edu" Schmidt came on a month after, in April. Statistically, Rivero and Hill have probably been the most productive so far -- Rivero has put up six assists, tied for the team lead with Brian Mullan, while Hill has taken well to the role of Super Sub and has slotted home three goals.

We've only had Tyson Wahl for about two weeks but he's started two games already, so we've still gotten a little time to see how he plays as a Rapid.

So who is your favorite new player so far this season?