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Seattle Sounders 2 Colorado Rapids 1 - Oh Six And Oh


Before July began, we called it 'Hell Month', and at the time we were referring to the fact that it was going to be a make or break month in terms of needing the points to keep the Rapids in the playoff picture. Turns out that 'Hell Month' was a more apt name than we thought, as it was a hellish month for the team all around. Saturday's 2-1 loss to the Seattle Sounders made sure that the Rapids would not get a single point out of July.

At least they provided some excitement early on, though not entirely of the good kind. Colorado found themselves down a goal only two minutes in as the Sounders earned a corner kick and did what other teams always do on corner kicks against Colorado -- score goals on open headers. Similar to the previous match, it was Eddie Johnson that was the beneficiary.

For once, the Rapids actually struck back quickly and efficiently, as Brian Mullan took the ball down the field and lopped a low cross into the box that found Drew Moor's foot and then the back of the net. After that exciting first three minutes, the action slowed down quite a bit as the Rapids let Seattle have the possession but took the best chances for themselves. Nothing came out of anything for either side, putting the game into halftime at 1-1.

After halftime, the Rapids and Sounders played essentially the same game as they did at the end of the first half, but only the Rapids kept going with the 'no goals' part of the narrative. In the 65th minute, Seattle ended the game prematurely when Osvaldo Alonso got an open cross from Eddie Johnson and snapped it home.

Now, the team had already done the impossible and come back to tie the game once. Asking this team to come back to tie it twice? That ain't happening. They did try to spice things up by putting in Kamani Hill and Andre Akpan, but it was essentially the New England game all over again in the end. Chances were being snatched at, turnovers from panicked play were happening and in the end, the team dropped points once again.

MAN OF THE MATCH: Brian Mullan. Moor may have scored the goal and played his usual defense, but the Rapids would likely have gotten a point out of the match if Moor hadn't been involved with every attack with his god-awful service. Mullan did what he always does and did it masterfully, creating Moor's goal in the process.

GOAT OF THE MATCH: The Altitude crew was praising Joseph Nane, but I didn't see what the hype was about. Too many midfield turnovers and not enough good passing for the role he was supposed to be playing. Bringing in Wells Thompson boosted the play from that spot immediately.

STAT OF THE MATCH: 2-14-1 is now the Rapids record after allowing the opponent to score a goal at any point in the match.