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Rapids Sunday Link Dump 7-22

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With the losses mounting by the day, there is not much happy news for the Colorado Rapids. They have lost three games in a week and look like the worst team in Major League Soccer.

So, I will spare linking you to all of these reviews of the losses because at somepoint it just gets boring for me to keep reading the news on loss after loss after loss.

The top news of the week is after the jump.

Rapids "lose identity" as disappointment mounts after 2-1 loss to Toronto FC

"Sometimes in games like these you are searching for answers." Rapids coach Oscar Pareja said. "And today's game is one of those games where we lost more than the points. I felt we lost

We certainly did lose our identity in this game, though i'm not sure we ever really had one to begin with. We also may have lost any shot at the playoffs with this loss.

Rapids move captain Pablo Mastroeni to DL, cut Harrison Henao

"It’s silly to look into the future, because no one knows what the future holds, how I’ll feel, so I’m just taking it one day at a time," Mastroeni said.

Everyone here at Burgundy Wave wishes Pablo the best. We had some great years and I hope he does what is right for him in the end.

Lineup changes fall flat in Rapids' fifth straight loss

We started some of the worst players on the team for this game. Did not score a goal. Did not accomplish anything except squandering one of the few meaningful games we had left. It's disappointing.