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MLS Podcast, Colorado Rapids Thugcast Episode 20: So Ronery Edition

I'm so alone! Yes, Ben was busy working all week so we never had time to record a Thugcast together. Sadly, this means you have to deal with me by my lonesome for a half hour. There's plenty to talk about, though I'm not sure if any of it is interesting coming out of me.

Tune in this week to hear me talk about:

* The 2-1 Dallas loss and how it was essentially the exact same script as almost every other Rapids game has been this season
* Colorado's acquisition of Tyson Wahl from the Montreal Impact and why, even though he won't be starting any time soon, it was still a pretty solid pick up by the Rapids
* The All-Star Game and why it's a farce (Hint: I'm very glad that no Rapids made the roster)
* This week's upcoming matches against Toronto and RSL, featuring almost stupid optimism as to my predicted final scores.

Click the Thugcast logo below to listen in before tonight's match with the Reds!