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Colorado Rapids Waive Harrison Henao

There has been some criticism about the most recent regime by some fans, saying that they stubbornly tend to hold on to their own. Well, that's out the window now as the Rapids announced they waived midfielder Harrison Henao on Monday, opening up yet another international slot for the team as they seek more defensive help.

Henao had been used sparingly by Oscar Pareja and he hadn't shown an incredible amount, though I personally was impressed by his play in the Montreal game. His only start of the season had come against the Tampa Bay Rowdies, and he didn't provide much. For a team that uses their international slots to try and bring in the biggest name talent they can, it makes sense that they don't want to see one used on a guy like Henao earning no playing time. Kohei Yamada fell pray to the same problem in the end when he got waived for the more game-ready Jamie Smith.

We'll have to see what moves are coming considering the number of international slots that the Rapids have suddenly opened up for themselves recently.

This move comes at the same time that the Rapids put Pablo Mastroeni on the disabled list with his continuing concussion symptoms. The defensive midfield corps are now down to Jeff Larentowicz, Shane O'Neill -- reportedly, that's where the team has been using him in practices -- and Joseph Nane.

Honestly, the biggest tragedy of all of this is that we'll never get to use our brilliant 'Henao, He-Nao, don't dreeeeam it's over' song idea.