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Rapids vs Toronto - Another Stadium We Haven't Won At

No, this doesn't count.
No, this doesn't count.

I brought this up in the Thugcast a while ago, and Ben was a dick about it. Ben is still wrong, because the MLS Cup 2010 doesn't count when talking about how the Rapids haven't won a game in league play at BMO Field in Toronto.

Really, the cup shouldn't matter anyway because the Rapids weren't playing against Toronto FC. Had they been, there probably wouldn't be a star above the team's crest right now. Colorado has been dismal all-time against the Reds -- hell, they've even struggled to do much against them at Dick's Sporting Goods Park.

At BMO Field they've been pretty damn bad though. Not as bad as they've been at CenturyLink Field or Rio Tinto Stadium of course, they've at least escaped with a point from BMO Field at one point, but it's never a comfort to watch the Rapids go into a stadium where they've never won when they can barely win at home this season.

Hopefully, the Rapids can break their streak of losses and draws there -- they need this three points more than any three points yet after dropping a different three against FC Dallas at home.