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Sunday Rapids Link Dump 7-15

HEDGES FA- I mean, what?
HEDGES FA- I mean, what?

After the last few performances put on by the Rapids, it is becoming painfully obvious that something is wrong. Aside from the news about loss after loss from the last week, there is a lot of player movement happening.

After the jump, look to the links to see what kinds of moves the Rapids have made or are thinking about making. (Or have already made!)

Rapids chasing two international transfers

As reported earlier in the week on this blog, the Rapids are pursing Mor Diouf, a Senegalese defender. But a South African paper is reporting that the Diouf's club turned down the transfer offered by the 'Pids.

Rapids trade for defender Tyson Wahl

A few days later, the Rapids traded an international roster spot to Montreal for MLS veteran Wahl. They are hoping he will provide much needed depth on defense. Wahl has made 11 appearances this season for Montreal.

Hunter Freeman solidifying Colorado Rapids backline after Kimura trade

I have been rather harsh on Freeman in some of his recent appearances, but overall he seems to be improving.

Rapids patient as Omar Cummings rounds into form for Colorado

Patience is great when recovering a player. Omar has scored two goals in the last two games, showing how much we have missed him. It's too bad neither of those goals helped us win.

Colorado Rapids out of MLS playoff picture, but taking form at mid-point

One of the biggest Rapids stories of the week was this mid-season review by the Denver Post. Pareja says he is happy with the Rapids achievements so far this season. I'm not.

Special Olympians enjoy big day out in Seattle

The Rapids Special Olympics team played Seattle's last week. It's a nice story.

And finally, another game recap - of a loss

FC Dallas end winless streak