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Tony Cascio should get time over Jamie Smith against Dallas

BENITEZ FACE pushes Jamie Smith out of the way
BENITEZ FACE pushes Jamie Smith out of the way

There was a lot of excitement around here when Jamie Smith came back to the squad after being knocked out for the entire winter with a torn ACL. Fortunately, he seems to have recovered completely and had some solid performances in the reserve league. He's been getting into the first team again since then and had a solid performance against Portland, a mediocre performance against Vancouver and then a stinker in his first start against Seattle.

Personally, I would argue that Smith should be getting starts in the middle of the field, perhaps occasionally in place of Jaime Castrillon, rather than on the wings where he has honestly been a bit streaky throughout his career. If we're in a 4-4-2 or a 4-1-4-1 again in this weekend's game against Dallas, I would say that Tony Cascio would be a better choice to get that playing time either in the start or off the bench.

The reasoning is simple, and based simply on form. Cascio has had some bad games but his presence has helped the team almost every time he has gotten time. (Hell, Smith's goal in the Portland game was created by Cascio!) In that sense I would rather see Cascio getting the playing time over Smith despite his veteran experience.

Of course, because I wrote this, Scott Palguta will probably get a start on the wing just to spite me.