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Poll of the week: Do you actively play soccer?

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So we can all agree that it's pretty fun to watch the Colorado Rapids play - especially when the games are as awesome as that win against the Portland Timbers last night. The Colorado Rapids Women along with the Real Colorado Foxes add to the opportunities to watch great Colorado soccer. However, when the weather's nice (with varying definitions of 'nice' here, considering the heatwave we've had lately), sometimes you get the urge to make soccer more than just a spectator sport.

There's a lot of great ways to play soccer in Colorado. The easiest, of course, is to find a friend or three to kick the ball around with on a local soccer field. Colorado has an amazing parks and recreation system, and there's more likely than not a park (or a local school) near you that has a soccer field. Speaking of local schools - If you're still in school, or parents of a school age child, nothing can start a love of soccer young quite like playing on a school team (or a local youth league, for that matter). There are a bunch of options for adult leagues as well, both competitive and non-competitive.

Do you actively play any soccer?