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Sporting Kansas City 2 Colorado Rapids 0 - Out Of Cup Contention

I'll be honest, I missed this one because I had something else taking up my time last night but I'm not surprised at the end result. Livestrong Sporting Park is always a tough place to play and the Colorado Rapids came into the fortress with a bunch of injuries.

More importantly, Kansas City had Teal Bunbury to perform his usual Rapids killin, but the Rapids were missing Sporting killer Conor Casey to counter with.

Teal ended up scoring the clincher -- his third goal against Colorado just this season -- in the 79th minute to seal a game that had already been put in large amounts of doubt when Matt Pickens unluckily put the ball into his own net in the first half. The Rapids offense is still waffling without their best players and it showed against Sporting. Conor Casey and Omar Cummings up top would likely have changed this game.

The Rapids are now out of the Open Cup for 2012, likely ending their only chance for silverware unless they can get their league form in top shape and make another 2010-like playoff run.