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'Good press' and the 'Colorado Rapids' weren't usually phrases that were found in sentences together in the past few years. I've written before about how the Rapids FO and Rapids fanbase have tended to not see eye to eye on things and have at times even created some supremely uncomfortable tension that has resulted in arrests and bans. You know, the old 'catering to soccer moms over the hardcore fans' thing.

It's actually looked pretty good with the new front office in place, though. The whole One Club mantra, openness on social media to fans and a lot of good looking moves in the coaching staff and otherwise have made it a pretty pleasant year to be a Rapids fan, past the obvious speed bumps on the field at least.

Sadly, it looks like we're right back to the ol' crapola.

A recent blow up on twitter among Rapids fans occurred when @Teddy_Montoya, a long time fan of the squad, received a letter in the mail informing him that he was banned from DSGP for life.

Now, there are plenty of reasons people can get banned from a sports stadium, even if you're a fan of the home team. Jumping on the field during games, throwing objects at players or referees, pretty much anything you do that can endanger the other fans, players on the field or officials earn bans. Of course, those bans are usually only for a couple of years at most so to get banned for the rest of your life you'd need to do something really heinous, right? Like bringing a gun or some shit. Right?


Apparently not, according to Teddy the only thing he's been told is that he 'verbally assaulted' someone. Now obviously we don't know the whole story here, the Rapids haven't said anything on the matter and even Teddy doesn't seem to know the full extent of what's going on. I just can't see any possible way that verbal assault could be a heinous enough crime to warrant a lifetime ban, no matter how vitriol filled any comments may be. You can't even get a lifetime ban for starting a fight in the supporters terrace, for cryin' out loud. For that reason, I can't possibly see why this lifetime ban is justified given what we know. Perhaps he deserved a year ban for whatever he did, but I can't imagine anything that would warrant lifetime.

Hopefully, the team shines some light on what exactly happened soon, or the speculation is just going to make it worse. The last thing that the Rapids need right now is more bad press after plenty of years worth of it preceding. This ain't gonna help that cause.