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MLS Podcast, Colorado Rapids Thugcast Episode 18: Pareja vs. Smith Fistfight Edition

Yes, because you haven't heard nearly enough of this Oscar Pareja vs. Gary Smith crap already, right? Apparently Ben and I haven't, because this week's Thugcast is the longest one so far.

Trust me, that's a good thing. Maybe. I hope.

Tune in to hear Ben and I talk about:

* Colorado's 1-0 Vancouver loss and why it didn't quite deserve the vitriol that was piled on after the game ended
* Colorado's 2-1 loss to San Jose and why the Earthquakes are succeeding this season, while at the same time becoming a lot more 'dirty' than any other Quakes team up until this point had ever been
* More and more analysis of the debate between the Pareja and Smith regimes, including mentions of both of our articles from earlier in the week
* Me comparing Pareja to the current coach of the NFL's Buffalo Bills, Chan Gailey
* Michael Boxall chat, including why it would be a brilliant move to drop Scott Palguta and replace him with Boxall. The Internationals rule is also brought up, including reasons why MLS should just drop it
* Quick predictions of the Portland Timbers game, because we had run out of time. (Again, we aren't that optimistic.)

Clicky da linky picture to listen to this week's thugcast: