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Rapids vs. Timbers - The Heat Wave Factor

No, no, not THAT kind of Heat wave...
No, no, not THAT kind of Heat wave...

We all know about the advantages of playing in sunny Colorado when it comes to sport. The altitude of 5280 feet tends to exhaust opposing athletes who aren't used to playing this high above sea level, which gives a slight geographical advantage.

This weekend when the Colorado Rapids meet the Portland Timbers in Commerce City, there's going to be a different Coloradan beast to fight for the two teams in the form of one of the most intense June heat waves that we've seen in Colorado in a long time. For several days in a row now, the weather in Denver has hit 100 degrees or higher, even forcing the Rapids to cancel practice on Wednesday and move practices on other days earlier in the morning to avoid the swelter.

And yes, this has included the evenings where it's routinely stayed up in the 90's, so the fact that the game is at night might not help things at all. Endurance may be tested by the heat, and early goals could be the key to the match if it doesn't cool down and the players start to feel the fire by the second half.

Right now, the early forecast from The Weather Channel calls for a 92 degree high on Saturday, (with a zero percent chance for rain, lovely) but I recall the past few days not calling for anything over 100 either despite it managing to climb that lofty peak every single day. Plus, Commerce City always seems to have its own ideas when it comes to what weather it's going to throw out.

May I suggest those all white kits we tried out last season?