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Jeff Larentowicz Among Statistical All-Star Candidates From OPTA

We all know that Jeff Larentowicz is pretty awesome and it turns out that OPTA agrees. They put together a list of the 'dream team' as it were for the MLS All Star game based solely on statistical number crunching. The only Rapids player on the list is Larentowicz, but I'm actually surprised that anyone from the Rapids made it on at all:

Larentowicz has been a rock in the center of the park for his last three seasons in Colorado. Though not overly flashy - he excels at holding the ball and keeping possession - the Southern California native ranks in the top five in recoveries, pass total and successful forward pass total. The less his Chelsea central midfield counterparts see of the ball, the fewer opportunities Frank Lampard & Co. will have to run at the MLS backline.

Except for the fact that I'm pretty sure Larentowicz is from Philly, not SoCo, that looks pretty good to me. Other than the game against the Union where he was red carded, Larentowicz has put together a great season even while playing one of the hardest positions one can play on a football pitch.

If this particular list came to pass, Larentowicz would be pairing up with Kyle Beckerman in the center of the midfield, not a bad duo to have out there. It doesn't really matter because whoever we put out there is still going to lose to Chelsea, but it's better to have a Rapids player out there than not, I suppose.