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How Not To Find Burgundy Wave On Google

We can see what terms people are searching to find Burgundy Wave. Here's our favorite searches.

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We have a little thing as editors of these SB Nation sites that allow us to see some of the searches that people put into Google, Yahoo etc. and end up clicking through to the site. Obviously, there's a lot of searches that make sense (I think I've seen every single misspelling of 'Burgundy' possible) but occasionally I'll go in there and see searches that are head scratchers.

Some are head scratchers because there's little reason they should have led to the site but there's also some that are just plain old weird.

Here's my favorite searches of the past few months:

foot ball stagustine gary r smith name deaf
Most of these I can at least parse, but I have no idea past the name 'Gary Smith' what this person was even trying to search for.

caleb folan sexy
Let's not dwell on this one.

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a letter dont give up on me my friend
If you're looking for great encouraging letters, this might not be the right site to check.

the future of major league of soccer
I only like this one because they call it 'The Major League of Soccer'. We should totally change it to that, sounds more official.

funny knock knock jokes
Knock Knock!
Who's there?
Injuries for.
Injuries for who?
Pretty much everyone on the Rapids.

uz timbers
My secret MLS alter-ego has been revealed, ah shit.

review of colorado rapids vs dc united soccer game
I like this one because it's so damn thorough. You could only get better if you tried something like 'review of the avengers movie directed by joss whedon a movie that includes such characters as iron man and the hulk'.

He was like... my fourth favorite character on the Magic School Bus I guess.

SB Nation's hidden Uzbeki sect?

colorado rapids vs tampon bay
The clear winner of the bunch, ahahahaha