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Favorite Sports Highlights - What Are Your All Time Favorite Soccer Moments?

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Samsung is asking SB Nation's readers what their favorite sports highlights are, and though there aren't all that many to choose from in Colorado Rapids history, two immediately sprung to mind when I was asked.

Of course, you can't talk about great goals in Rapids history without bringing up Marcelo Balboa. The Mane Man loved to take bicycle kicks, and this was one of his best:

The other one that sprung to mind was, of course, not actually a Colorado Rapids goal according to the score-sheet. I'm talking of course about the game winner of the 2010 MLS Cup, which despite being an own goal was actually a brilliant bit of skill from Macoumba Kandji to nutmeg around Jair Benitez and get a shot, no matter how weak, off while being barreled into by Ugo Ihemelu. He sacrificed his leg on the play as well, being unable to play for over half a season. Still, it's hard to say this goal wasn't the most pivotal moment in the history of the team:

After the jump, you can see my favorite non-Rapids related soccer highlight and submit your own favorites down in the comments!

Actually, forget 'non-Rapids related highlight', this is possibly my very favorite soccer highlight of all time.

As I'm sure at least three or four of you know, I didn't choose to go the Chelsea or Manchester United route when I started following soccer in the European side of things. Rather, I follow Crystal Palace FC, currently of the Championship in England.

Knowing that, I'm sure you know what's coming. A signature time for Palace was last year's improbable run to the Carling Cup semi-final, where they managed an impossible win over Manchester United in the Quarterfinals. That entire game was a wondrous sight, but it was this goal by Darren Ambrose that made the jaws drop and made the raucous Palace fans at Old Trafford start to think "This could really happen."

What are your all time favorite soccer related highlights? Let us know in the comments!