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Was Alan Gordon's Earned Penalty A Dive?

Flop! Floooop!
Flop! Floooop!

Standing in the Supporter's Terrace doesn't give you the best view of things on the south side of the field. Because of that, when Matt Pickens charged off his line to try and take the ball away from an onrushing Alan Gordon, eventually resulting in a penalty when the two met, it looked to me like it was just a really terrible play from Pickens.

After they finally got the highlights up and I was able to take a gander, I'm not so sure anymore. (Though my mind won't be changed that Pickens should never have come off his line to attack Gordon's feet like that in the first place.) Coming home and checking the Twitters, it looked like there was a lot of sourness over the play as the consensus seems to be that Gordon dove on the play. Hell, even Ives posted that it was a dive and I don't think he's ever posted a single word indicating that the Rapids might be right on something.

I've seen arguments from both sides, including that Gordon simply tripped over his feet rather than going down on purpose, which wouldn't technically make it a dive.

I'll let you judge for yourself. Check it out at around 5:52 in the video below.

So what say you, Rapids fans, flop or not?