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Twitter voting for MLS All Star Game opens today

Getty Images for New York Red Bu

A new thing that Major League Soccer is pulling out for this year's All Star Game voting process is Twitter voting. If you have a Twitter account, all you need to do is be following @MLS and put player names along with #MLSAllStar in a tweet. Simple as that, you get a vote in that way and don't have to register for anything like so many All Star Game voting sites do. (Looking at you, baseball!)

Twitter voting will begin right after this post has been published at 10 AM MT on Thursday and will continue up until 10 PM on Friday.

There are currently no Colorado Rapids players anywhere near the leads for any of the categories, unsurprising when you consider that the ASG is 100% a popularity contest based more on the previous season than the current one. (That's how Omar Cummings made it in last year despite being terrible all season and why there are so many Galaxy players up in the top tier of voting this time around.)

Doesn't hurt to try and get our guys in there with a voting jamboree though!