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Jamie Smith Activated, Kohei Yamada Waived Before San Jose Match

We hardly knew ye!
We hardly knew ye!

Well so much for that.

We got quite excited when we were told of Jamie Smith's return to the team coming not only because we were getting back one of our best players, but because the Rapids announced that he was about to get his Green Card. Unfortunately, it appears that it didn't work out quite as well as we would have hoped as the Rapids announced Wednesday that Jamie will be returning, but at the expense of Kohei Yamada.

Since he's on waivers, the Rapids could technically get him back after Jamie finally gets his U.S. Residency, but something tells me that a pretty solid player like Yamada is going to get scooped up by a team that doesn't have as much of a problem with international slots before the Rapids even have a chance.

Jamie will be available for tonight's game against the Quakes, it will be interesting to see if he gets put into the starting XI right away with a lot of players surely still tired after Saturday's game against Vancouver.