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Colorado looking to heal up by June 16th

Pictured: Conor Casey, probably being injured
Pictured: Conor Casey, probably being injured

The first chunk of the season was injury filled for the Colorado Rapids, so this giant layoff between league games couldn't have come soon enough. Of course, the Rapids are probably going to be playing as strong a squad as possible for their Open Cup match against Sporting Kansas City on Tuesday, but everyone is really looking ahead to the start of league games again on June 16th.

Fortunately, the Rapids should have most of their injured players either back in full form or close to it on the 16th when the Rapids travel to Canada to face the Vancouver Whitecaps.

Omar Cummings and Marvell Wynne will have been out for well over a month -- the guess time for both of their recoveries from respective injuries -- by the time that game takes place. Brian Mullan is only supposed to miss a few weeks as well after injuring his knee in mid-May. Jamie Smith has already gotten reserve time and looked good in the process, and Conor Casey only barely missed the game against the Montreal Impact. That's four starters, or at least important bench presences, right there.

Hopefully, all will go well and we'll see a top squad against the Whitecaps on the 16th. Like I said, this layoff couldn't have come at a better time.